1 March 2014


What with today being Saint David's Day (Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant), an occasion where the Welsh people celebrate their patron saint you can imagine that I am feeling very patriotic. In honour of today I thought that I would celebrate by sharing some wonderful examples of Welsh creativity. 

In this post I have gathered a selection of images from working creatives who reside or are from my neck of the woods. The creatives haven't been displayed in any particular order so be sure to check each of them out.


(Pictured above: Crypt Keeper by Godmachine)

Godmachine has produced incredibly detailed illustrations for a range of clients (not to mention some of my favourite bands) with his work appearing on everything from skateboards, t-shirts, album covers, limited edition prints, magazines, ceramics, and even three dimensional busts. 

An artist who continues to impress me with his approach to image construction, craftsmanship and ability to deliver solid work each time. A thoroughly nice guy who rightfully deserves the respect and reputation that he has gained over the years. 



(Pictured above: Billow by Jonathan Edwards)Jonathan has this wonderful talent and approach to his image making that keeps me awaiting his next piece, a creative that utilises traditional media in his practice which he has used to achieve an impressive client list and fan base. A lovely gent who I hope continues to do so well.
Links–Jonathan Edwards


(Pictured above: Rishikesh George by Felt Mistress)

Felt Mistress is also known as Louise Evans who is able to create some of the best things I have ever seen, her ability to visualise characters three dimensionally with such exquisite attention to detail is really remarkable. By collaborating with her partner Jonathan (above) she has applied her years of experience in dress making to become one of the biggest names in the world of character design.


Felt Mistress


(Pictured above: Cake illustration for The Great British Bake Off by Tom Hovey)

Many of you may know Tom's work from the infamous Great British Bake Off where he illustrated all of the food produced by the contestants throughout each series. It's safe to say that he's drawn most if not all food that requires baking, however, this isn't all that Tom can do he's a versatile designer who is no stranger to murals and continually pushes his work to develop further. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more from him.


Tom Hovey


(Pictured above: Bitter Sweet by Miss Led)

Miss Led is also known as Joanna, a creative that is always exploring a range of mediums used in a range of projects engulfed with her evolving iconic style. A particular touch that I was pleased to see in Jo's work was the incorporation of typography which shows that she is able to take an aspect of design and apply her take on it. 


Miss Led 


(Pictured above: The Griffin by Richey Beckett)

I was first introduced to Richey's work when it adorned the cover of an EP released by one of the bands in my area. I couldn't get over the presence of the work, the detail, the dedication to every single dot created my hand. Richey is another artist who continues to impress, not only with each new piece but with who is next on his client list. A fantastic talent.


Richey Beckett


(Pictured above: Inside Llewyn Davis by Marc Aspinall)

Marc works under the alias of The Tree House Press, an illustrator with an instantly recognisable style which is rich with interesting perspectives, concept and textures that is earning him an expansive client list. It's great to see him tackle new briefs and spread his illustrative touch onto different subject matters.

Marc also belongs to the collective The Mighty Pencil.


Marc Aspinall (The Tree House Press)

The Mighty Pencil


(Pictured above: 'O' by Patrick Schmidt)

Patrick and I used to live in towns right next to each other in South Wales, but it wasn't until a couple of years later where I accidentally bumped into him at an exhibition in London I learnt that he was illustrating. He still puts his creative skills to use and is a part of the collective 'Brothers Of The Stripe' a group of talented individuals that can be seen involved with various projects from murals, exhibitions and interiors. I'm sure 2014 will be a good year for both Patrick and the B.O.T.S.


Patrick Schimdt
Brothers Of The Stripe 


(Pictured above: Happy Birthday Card by Lianne Harrison)

Lianne is a freelance illustrator who specialises in collage and paper construction to create her illustrations that have been used for a range of clients and shortlisted for awards. She has just launched her own greeting card company 'Paperwhale' which will see her playful designs lovingly placed onto products for everyone to enjoy. 

Lianne Harrison


(Pictured above: Walter White by Turksworks)

Turksworks is the alias of Richard Davies a digital designer and artist based in South Wales who is able to produce breathtaking illustrations that show his attention to detail and level of experience. Richard's work always makes me wonder how much time has gone into perfecting each area particularly as he maintains the immense level of realism throughout his portfolio.  




(Pictured above: Fox by Hannah Davies)

Hannah is an award winning illustrator and surface pattern designer who creates images that are like wonderfully patterned day dreams, they seem to effortlessly flow but yet contain quite precise patterns. She has worked with a range of clients which has allowed her work to appear on everything from fabric to computer mice. 

Hannah is represented my Illustration Web. 


Hannah Davies

19 February 2014


The Creative Review Illustration Issue is out now with my contributor illustrations inside, to view the project click on the following link– www.stuartwhitton.co.uk

Creative Review

13 August 2013


After realising how long it had been since my website had received an update I decided not just to add new and unseen archive work but also to give it a fresh look.

Now you can view my illustrations by category with a horizontal scroll format or if you just want to see a bit of everything you can click on the 'View All' link to view thumbnails. 

5 August 2013


Here are a collection of recent illustrations depicting the range of herbs that I have begun growing in the studio.

19 July 2013


A new illustration to mark the wonderful weather we are currently having in the UK. 

Fish, Chips & Ice Cream is a simple piece depicting a take on a lunch that many of us may enjoy during a trip to the beach, park and general outdoors this weekend.

27 June 2013


139mm x 88mm
Vintage Postcard
£85.00 + p&p

My illustration of the infamous Monopoly car on a vintage postcard is now available to purchase,  if you would like to register your interest for the piece please click on the link below. 

25 June 2013


139mm x 88mm
Vintage Postcard

I am really pleased to say that 'Dog', an original pencil drawing depicting a piece from the infamous board game Monopoly has now sold.  

In order to reward those who have kindly signed up to my newsletter new pieces will be made available for them to purchase 24 hours before the general public. This is in addition to other privileges contained in the newsletter, if you would like to sign up for these periodical updates click on the link below.  

7 June 2013


Tonight the Handsome Frank Emporium returns for three weeks at The Frontroom in Cambridge. 

After the success of Pick Me Up my agents will be hosting a pop up shop where a plethora of artwork from the HF illustrators will be available to purchase. The space will also provide portfolio reviews, discussions and of course those wonderfully dodgy records.

Join the private view tonight from 6:30pm where the artwork will be accompanied by the awesome burgers from Steak & Honour!

3 June 2013


As you may have seen recently the illustrators within The Mighty Pencil got together and contributed a design towards a pack of 24 greeting cards that can be used for any occasion. The complete selection can be seen above along with my individual design of a balloon dog which brought a smile to my face and hopefully yours too.

The reason that we put the greeting cards pack together was to try and help fellow penciller Jan Wennekes's son Mees who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. Due to the severity of the case Mees can only receive the treatment he requires through specialists in Florida, USA so in order to help with the cost of making this happen we are selling these packs of cards for £20 each with the option to donate more from a drop down menu via the link below.

I'm happy to say that the target has been hit for Mees, but that doesn't mean that we are stopping! Any other money raised from purchasing a set of these cards will go towards supporting other families in similar situations and children's cancer charities. 

It's a great cause with great artwork that can be shared with a loved one for less than £1 a card. Click on the link below to make an awesome choice today.

26 April 2013


The launch party for the first issue of the Tiny Pencil titled 'Forest' is tomorrow night at Gosh Comics, 1 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0DR from 7pm.

You will be able to purchase and receive your copy of this beautiful publication at the event but only pre-orders will be in for the chance to win an original from the amazing contributing artist Vanessa Foley.

Make sure to get there for 7pm to catch the beginning of the live drawing which will feature a number of Tiny Pencil artists.