3 June 2013


As you may have seen recently the illustrators within The Mighty Pencil got together and contributed a design towards a pack of 24 greeting cards that can be used for any occasion. The complete selection can be seen above along with my individual design of a balloon dog which brought a smile to my face and hopefully yours too.

The reason that we put the greeting cards pack together was to try and help fellow penciller Jan Wennekes's son Mees who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. Due to the severity of the case Mees can only receive the treatment he requires through specialists in Florida, USA so in order to help with the cost of making this happen we are selling these packs of cards for £20 each with the option to donate more from a drop down menu via the link below.

I'm happy to say that the target has been hit for Mees, but that doesn't mean that we are stopping! Any other money raised from purchasing a set of these cards will go towards supporting other families in similar situations and children's cancer charities. 

It's a great cause with great artwork that can be shared with a loved one for less than £1 a card. Click on the link below to make an awesome choice today.

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